Monday, January 23, 2012

A new artist to welcome to the team

Looking forward to welcoming another well known artist teacher Kindrie Grove coming to teach at El Molino for the first time from 7-17 May.
As she explains:

The El Molino Studio Session in Andalucia, Southern Spain, in a peaceful valley surrounded by olive groves, will be an in-depth workshop exploring your own interests and direction as an artist. All levels of skill will benefit from critiques and discussions as well as fundamental instruction on painting and drawing concepts with demonstrations and exercises to help you learn and with time to work on your own projects in your chosen materials with personalized support and mentoring from me.  The fun part is the exploration!

           El Molino garden            

more information of accommodation, Chef prepared meals and escorted excursions at:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Alfonso Tejada at El Molino May 7 to 17

Alfonso Tejada  plein air workshop in Andalucia
                           7-17 May, 2012

We're delighted he's coming and can't wait to welcome Alfonso, as he says:

‘For me this workshop takes me to the roots of my cultural heritage.  I know that in this workshop we will discover together the real sense of the warmth and flavour of Southern Spanish culture and its people as our experiences will be heightened by our freshness and naivety about what we think we know and what we will learn and by the surprising discoveries and encounters every day.  Come join me on this fascinating journey.’

For more information and registration please email  -

Monday, January 9, 2012

Gaye Adams for 2012

Spring 2012
We’re excited to be welcoming Gaye Adams from Sorrento BC coming to teach participants at all levels from 26 April to 6 May 2012 in Andalucia. 
"It is my goal as an instructor to help students learn how to take the visual elements in the landscape and produce a compelling and convincing painting on location with strong design. This involves learning to see shapes, values and colors with a degree of accuracy, and to simplify down to the most important visual elements. It is a very valuable method of creating rapid growth in painting skills. In addition, the experience of plein air painting is exhilarating.” says Gaye. While encouraging her students to work hard and fully experience the unique setting and flavour of Southern Spain she thinks “it should be the best fun ever."
this testimonial tells it all:
"In her workshops Gaye spends a majority of her time working one-on-one to help artists at all levels
develop great composition, color value, tone and light and shadow in their work.
Having taken art classes and workshops over many years, Gaye Adams' workshops rank number one in amount learned for time spent."

Bill Hull, Santa Barbara, CA

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Already!

We're off to a cracking start with some wonderful artist teachers in 2012

Starting with Nancy O'Toole who we are welcoming back for the third time at El Molino 26 April - 6 May.

Nancy says ....."What a joy to spend to be spending 10 wonderful days painting the essence of Spain while living, eating and breathing all of its charms!. Spring, poppies in bloom, so many images. Come savour and paint these with me as you experience the quintessential spirit and culture of Andalucia"

With excursions to Priego, Ronda and Cordoba (including a flamenco performance)this should add
to a creative and fun experience.